Enjoy Working 9-5 and Travelling to Places on your Bucketlist

work 9-5, travel

Work 9-5, travel and knock off the places on your bucket list one by one. Slow and steady can help you to win your race. Why does it have to be a race anyway? Go at your pace. I know this social media world, with people quitting jobs left right and centre to travel full time can make you feel left behind.

Don’t fall into a funk by taking your eyes off your life, fight it. Learn how to work 9-5, travel and be at peace with your life.

How to Work 9-5, Travel and Save

Forget about ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ because they are broke! LOL, but seriously, look at your budget and see where you can realistically afford to travel to. Don’t let your bucket list lead you around to being broke. How much can you dedicate to your travel fund each pay period? How long will it take to save for the place that you want to visit most? Remember deferred gratification is pretty sweet.

If you are antsy and want to take a break to travel and relax, start off with cheaper destinations on your list. Life requires balance so be disciplined – work 9-5, travel, save and live your life.

work 9-5, travel

Plan how you will use your vacation days early and search for flight deals around those dates. Avoid busy periods, to get the best flight deals when possible. Use Google Flights and other search websites to compare tickets and such. You can also make use of long holiday weekends to take 3 days trips to areas nearby.

How to Work 9-5, Travel and Explore when your Salary is Insufficient

The easy fix is to try to get a better job or a second job – this is not something everyone can do unfortunately. You work 9-5, travel to work long distances and think that is all you will ever be able to do. It sure feels like that sometimes.

  1. Give yourself time and accept that you may have to delay travelling the world for later.
  2. Travel to local places and stay with family or friends to keep costs low. There are often many things undiscovered in our own ‘backyards’.
  3. Look for ways to make additional income to build a travel fund: do YouTube videos, blog, do Uber, Lyft, be an AirBnB host and so on.
  4. You can also find a cheaper place to rent, get a roommate or even move back home to free up some money.
  5. Have a closet clean out and sell things or even make jewellery and such if you are talented that way. Start an online business and make some extra funds

work 9-5, travel

It is not the popular thing to work 9-5, travel and live the jet set life. This seems to be almost impossible if one buys into the life of full time travellers/influensters. There are many people who work 9-5, travel on their breaks/vacation and explore the world. With some planning and patience, if your salary and other finances allows for this, you too can balance a life where you work 9-5, travel and see our beautiful world.

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  1. I think it’s all a matter of discipline and with the power of planning and saving you can get a lot done. specially if you try to go off season, you can get really good deals


    1. So true, I hope those who can travel off season maximise that. As a teacher, I don’t have the luxury but I do try to get the best deals and plan ahead. Thanks for the great feedback Diana.

    1. Thanks Sreya that was not my intention haha, I want more people to realise they can travel well and work 9-5. If you can afford to travel full time for a bit that works too.

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