Why I Blog about Travel, Budgeting and Whatever Strikes my Fancy

why blog

I like writing on a whim, when inspiration strikes and practicing what I preach to the students I teach. I enjoy writing so this is essentially why I blog.

Travel is a big hobby of mine. Why not share my thoughts and opinions with others, someone may learn something to inform them on their travels. When I research for my travels I learn from other bloggers about different places. It’s nice to give back with my impressions, tips and such. Here again is why I blog.

Budgeting is such good practice to help us live debt free lives. I like sharing what works for me in this regard. I also watch many videos on YouTube and I am always looking to learn more about this subject. It’s an area of great interest to me so I share about this on my blog as well. If I can help someone to budget their way out of debt or avoid debt altogether because of these posts, I am contributing meaningfully to their lives. This is why I blog about budgeting for travels, life and the works.

I don’t know what may strike my fancy. I like having this space where I can share about different things. Blogging can be therapeutic. I also want Jamaicans searching for Jamaican travellers specifically, to find this space and learn from some of what I share. They can find information on some things that may be unique to us such as visas and the like.

I am a Jamaican national living in Japan, now for over a decade. I also share about things in Japan like taxes, travelling, teaching English and a myriad of other things to come.

I will share about anything as I am moved to because, I want to. I enjoy blogging about a variety of things, writing in different voices, playing around with different styles and so on. These are some of the reasons why I blog about the things I do.

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