A Week in Italy: Get a Taste of it

Rome, Florence, Venice

For the busy person working 9-5, with only a short break from work, Italy is a perfect place to explore. I recommend visiting Rome, Florence and Venice since they are well connected by train. These cities have much to captivate the attention of a wide range of people and as we know Italian food is oh so decadent and sumptuous.

Fly into Rome and out of Venice so as not to backtrack and save time. I am a big fan of those multi-city tickets.


Days 1 and 2 – Enjoy Rome in all its Glory!

Rome is known for its beautiful architecture and rich history. This is a great place to spend two days. It is quite easy to walk around to see all the places on everyone’s list: The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps and more. Stay somewhere in the town to enjoy all these and get some exercise walking to and from. The wonderful piazzas also showcase beautiful craftsmanship. It’s also quite easy to get to The Vatican City by train and spend a few hours exploring there.


Days 3 – 5 – Florence is where it’s at

On the third day, take a high speed train to Florence and spend about 2-3 days there. TIP:Buy train tickets online in advance to get them at a reasonable price. While in Florence book a day trip to go off and explore Sienna, Pisa and other areas. This is a good one that I found hit all the right spots. The lunch was really good and the views from the vineyard were breathtaking. It is nice to see other sides of this beautiful country given that all we mostly hear of are its relics. There are also other great sceneries to soak up.

ItalyWhile in Florence enjoy walking around the many streets and walkways to discover its treasures. I remember the boldness of some Italian men especially the one who hollered “chocolato” lasciviously as I walked by. They are not shy at all. Again stay in the town centre to access everything easily, especially the train station to take you on to Venice.


Head to Venice on the evening of the fifth day to wake up refreshed to finish off the week in that picturesque city.

Days 6 and 7 – Wake up in Pretty Venice

Wake up in Venice and spend day six exploring all its nooks and crannies.


Venice lives up to its reputation which is why it is overrun with tourists and tired of us to boot! This is the perfect place to finish off the trip. There are loads of blogs and webpages about what to see and do there and in all the cities. I am a big fan of museums and architecture in general so I was content to walk around gawking at everything and snapping the pics in this post and countless others.


Head home from Venice on day seven with a rich treasure trove of memories, hopefully fully rested and rejuvenated.

You can get much bang for your buck during a week in Italy. There are some good hostels in all the cities mentioned but I suggest getting a hotel in Venice. I spent around 50 dollars per night for a very nice space. I am pretty sure you can find AirBnBs as well. With a week of vacation or a little less or a little more you can enjoy experiencing quite a bit in Italy. This is one country that I will be revisiting.

Travel Tip: Go as far away from the tourist sites as possible to eat. You get better quality food at great prices this way.

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