Some Countries for First Time Female Solo Travellers

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These are some countries that I think a first time female solo traveller may want to consider. I haven’t been to most countries in the world but I have been to my fair share on almost all continents. Taking that first trip as a woman alone can be pretty daunting. The first one often sets the precedent for those to come. The five countries I am suggesting meet these criteria for me  when it comes to travelling with ease in a new environment: safety, an established travel network, different kinds of accommodation for different budgets and language.

Consider Japan for you First Solo Female Trip

Japan is safe, has an established travel network on the beaten path, offers a variety of accommodations for different budgets and people can use translation apps to help them get around.

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I am probably biased after living here for over a decade. I do believe in the major cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and others, you can get around easily without knowing Japanese. I have been to all these cities and the necessities are translated.

Japan is pretty safe for solo travellers. This doesn’t mean that we should throw out the precautions we would take anywhere else. Nowhere is THAT safe. You can walk in many places in the major cities at all hours of the night as a solo female. I always take stock of my surroundings anyway and stay alert but it is nice to enjoy this.

There are also many different kinds of accommodations for most budgets though the rapid growth in the tourist industry means booking months in advance.

I highly recommend starting your solo adventures in Japan if you are a woman travelling alone.

South Korea is a Good Place for Solo Female Travellers Too

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People will stare at you and some will even act strange, I am thinking because of my melanin rich skin, who knows. That’s all good. I enjoy visiting South Korea and think it is not spoken of enough. I visited both Seoul and Busan and enjoyed exploring there.

South Korea is safe for solo female travellers, affordable and has wifi it feels like everywhere – you know because that is important. I also enjoy the culture of buying different types of food on the street and nibbling as you go.

Yes, language is a barrier but the free wifi all over means access to translation apps. What more can I say, do your research and check out all the foreigners on YouTube and share their adventures.

Bali is a Good Place for Female Solo Travellers to Start Their Adventures Abroad

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I know Bali is on everybody’s list, as it should be. It is an easy place to travel, budget friendly, has great elements for everyone and many people speak English (You know how we English speakers are when we travel).

I met other females travelling solo when I did same there last year. It ticks all the boxes who doesn’t like a bit of luxury when they can afford it? There are loads of videos on YouTube from foreigners who have become digital nomads in Bali.

Singapore is Worth Considering for the First Time Female Solo Traveller

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Gotta love Singapore. I have been there a few times and it is a pretty cool place. I love, love that no one stares at me there. It is safe, has some pretty delicious foods of many varieties and worth spending a few days exploring. Yes, it is pricey but its loveliness makes up for this.

English is a major language and it is pretty easy to go around the city and you won’t be hassled. First time female solo travellers will enjoy Singapore. I think it is one of the best places to venture abroad on the first trip for anyone really. Sure, it’s not a huge country with much natural flora and fauna but there is still much to be enjoyed for a few days. If you are a foodie, you’ll enjoy it for sure.

Zanzibar, Tanzania is Great for First Time Female Solo Travellers

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For whatever reasons, countries on my beloved African continent never get recommended as places to visit and such. I believe Zanzibar is worth considering for first time solo female travellers. There is so much to enjoy, people speak English for the most part and it is safe. Yes, you need to take the necessary precautions you would anywhere.

I don’t know, maybe I felt safe there since I look like the people there. I travelled solo to Zanzibar and walked places at nights and felt fine. Again no one should be reckless.

Zanzibar has much to offer in the way of natural flora and fauna. There are many water adventures and there is nothing like relaxing on a picturesque beach forgetting your troubles.

These are my recommendations for countries first time solo female travellers may want to consider for their first trip. I am sure there are others. Stay safe and enjoy wherever your adventures take you.

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    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing this for those who are into travelling solo. I totally understand travelling with others too since I do that when I can as well.

    1. They really are fun and adventurous but I do plan a whole lot and for pretty long periods before a trip. I hope you get to some of these places and others.

  1. I took my first solo trip to Czech Republic. Prague is a great city to head to alone. I plan to head to Tbilisi, Georgia for my next solo trip out of the country. All of these places are on my list, though.

    1. Terra, Prague is lovely, I also travelled there solo along with a few other cities some years ago. I have been reading about Tbilisi too. So many places to discover and explore. Enjoy your trip.

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