The Reality is that Travel Needs to Take a Back Seat Sometimes

not being able to travel

Not being able to travel is not the end of the world. It may feel like it but it really isn’t. Trust me, there are more important priorities in life. Yes, this is very hypocritical coming from me, a person who has been blessed to travel all over the world. This wasn’t always the case though.

Three Basic Reasons why not being able to Travel at this Moment is ok

Life happens and we are all at different stages/seasons in our lives. For some, travel is easily accessible, affordable and/or de rigeur. There are far more people who do not have the luxury or privilege to travel even in their own backyards.

not being able to travel

There is no money to travel

Travel is a luxury expense. (The word luxury will be used into the ground in this post sorrynotsorryMany people who want to travel are not able to do so because of this. If this is the case with you, I want to remind you that this is ok. Many of us who travel now had a period of not being able to travel. I took my first trip to NYC when I was 19. My aunt, who I stayed with for 6 weeks sponsored this trip. Without her help I would not have been able to have had this opportunity. I did not travel much for the next five years after that because my priority was paying off my student loan. (If you have ever travelled that road you know that’s a heavy beast). 

I took three trips in that period of time. Two were compliments of buddy passes from my                    cousin and the other was for a wedding in The Cayman Islands that I saved up a year for.                    Travel was not a priority then and not being able to travel did not affect the quality of my life.            Focusing on paying off those pesky student loans meant I was able to put aside some money            for travelling after. Also moving to Japan and working here is a whole other blessing that                    boosted my funds.

Many people rack up debt chasing the travel lifestyle.Living in this social media age with everybody becoming a digital nomad while travelling ain’t helping. Sometimes you have to stay away from certain triggers that will distract you. There is a time for everything and this time may be the time to focus on other necessities.

not being able to travelThe man crouching in the back doesn’t take away from the absolute beauty of these Japanese Chrysanthemums

You have Responsibilities that Keep you at Home now

Not being able to travel now in some cases are because of responsibilities at home. Many people who have small children, older parents or certain jobs are not free to travel for even a short period of time. Sometimes you read our blog posts and may feel like you are missing out. Not all travellers are living fulfilled lives. Of course some are, but remember most people only show the glamorous side of travelling. The perfect pictures often are carefully crafted over something like an hour for many bloggers, instagrammers and the like.

Remember why you need to stay at home in this season of your life. I am sure you are doing something absolutely necessary and selfless. This is something to appreciate and take all that you can from such experiences. Not being able to travel is probably a small negative among a vast number of positives in your life at present. It is always good to focus on the positives and revel in these. Perhaps things will change in the future and you will be able to follow some of your travel dreams.

not being able to travel

People who have no Interest in Travelling

We who are in love with travelling and all things travel, often cannot fathom that countless others have no interest in travelling, especially abroad. I know this well because my father has zero interest in travelling abroad. I also know others who feel the same way and are busy enjoying their lives where they are. For these people, not being able to travel isn’t something they even think about. Not everyone wants to travel. When I read some posts by us, who make it seem like travelling is the greatest thing ever I LOL! Some of us are over the top.

In many ways I envy those who do not have wanderlust. Many of us are so busy chasing the next destination that we miss the awesome experiences right under our noses. There is beauty everywhere and we do well to embrace and enjoy what we have at home. She’s on her soapbox again. 

not being able to travel

How to Build a Travel Fund Bit by Bit for Those not Managing their Funds well

  • Save your coins – Get yourself a large tin or a jar and drop every spare change into it. Just keep doing this until it is filled then open an account and lodge this money into it. Keep doing it until you have a good sum to take that first trip, even if it is to another state. Not being able to travel because of money can be addressed over time by doing something like this.


  • Make your lunch if you are not already doing so – I know it’s a big headache but you would be surprised how much you can save over a year if you buy lunch for two days of the week instead of five. Balance is everything. Again put the money saved from this into that travel account and watch it grow.


  • Stop all that impulse shopping on and off line – Put yourself on a shopping budget and use it as a treat once or twice a year. We spend so much buying stuff on sale that is cheap. These add up bit by bit and many of these clothes get sucked into the deep dark corner of our closets to be discovered far into the future. You know I am talking nothing but the truth.


  • Eat out less. Treat yourself a few times a month and keep on top of this. Not being able to travel because of a lack of money sometimes is a result of us saying yes to fast food a bit too often or making going out to eat a past time. If you yearn to travel and do this, check yourself.


  • Get on a budget to manage your funds if you aren’t doing so yet. Check out this video for some useful tips. Here is also some great information to get you on the right path.

Not being able to travel because of a lack of money for this, is probably the biggest thing that blocks those who want to, from travelling. Keep your dreams alive and seek out ways to save whatever you can for this.Take it step by step and you will be on your first trip before you know it. In the time being be intentional about living your best life in this season now and enjoying it.

not being able to travel

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  1. Social media has created such a world of how’ve and have nots and, like you said, often what you see is crafted. It’s so important to realize that 1. It’s goid to have wants and goals and 2. The grass isn’t always greener!!

    1. You said it, the grass isn’t always greener. We have to always remember that and respect others who have different interests.

  2. I totally agree with this. I love to travel but we have had to cut back a lot since our oldest started high school. But, it’s okay. I know he needs to be home to stay on top of his schooling and for some important social events in his life right now.

    1. Life happens right and in this season you are doing what is best for your family. Balance in everything. I hope I never get addicted to travelling that I lose sight of other things.

  3. This is so true! It is hard in the world of picture perfect moments on social media to remember that regular people do not travel all the time. I have found blogging helps me relive my favorite travel moments when I am at home living my everyday life!

    1. Yes, blogging is great to relive the wonderful experiences and wait until you can get to them again. I do this so often. We have to be intentional about what we consume and how we allow them to affect us where social media is concerned.

  4. I enjoy traveling and I am aware that not all of us have the luxury to travel to some exotic places. For my kids and I, some of our most memorable travel experiences are those unscheduled day trip to another town.

  5. We are in the boat where we can’t do any travelling – mainly because money and vacation time. Honestly, we were planning a trip next April-May, but life happens and we have to put it on the back burner again.

    1. Sounds like you guys are making great decisions that should serve you well in the future. I hope your travel dreams come true soon.

  6. I also love traveling so much, usually it’s a first priority if possible. But you’re right, sometime we have to give it up for other things, luckily we can explore our own area. Most people are unaware that they have so much to explore without having to spend!

  7. This post is really indeed! If you really want to travel you can earn money and workhard also disipline yourself not buying things that necessary I like your article also the flowers looks stunning and beautiful❤️

  8. I love to travel, but we can’t always do it for financial reasons. We are saving up for a new house, so most of our extra money goes into that fund. Luckily, though, my husband and I both work for ourselves so we don’t have to worry about asking for time off! I’m on vacation in Florida right now but still getting things done!

  9. I guess money is the first reason for not travelling as much as I would love to. But whenever I have the chance I love travelling solo, if nobody follows my trip.

  10. Money is a big factor why some people can’t travel even if how they say “travel as much as you can.”

    Also, I laughed at the “stop impulse on shopping” bit because I’m guilty. Online shopping is therapeutic for me.haha

  11. I have always loved to travel and visit new places but now have an eleven month old son so travelling is going to have to wait until he is a little bit older. We have had several ‘staycations’ as a family this summer which I have enjoyed just as much as some holidays we have taken further afield.

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