Skills Gained from Blogging

blogging skills

Blogging is a labour of love with many rewards. I am in the process of gaining and developing so many different skills as I blog. This is a rewarding process that gives me great joy and encourages me to continue producing content in this my little sphere on the www.

I know the poster above says 6 awesome skills but I was inspired after designing it and came up with 9. 🙂

My Skills that Blogging Helps to Improve

Writing – I like writing about the things that capture my interest and in so doing share my voice. It is important for me to think about how I want people to receive what I craft. This is important because I do want people to engage with me in this forum. Through blogging, I always have to think about expressing myself to connect with my audience and also be myself. I have to write coherently and cohesively to make my message clear. I teach my students this over and over and blogging is great for me to practice what I preach. We become better writers by writing mindfully.

Editing – Good writing calls for much editing. I spend a good amount of time reading and re-reading what I write. This involves key skills that I take for granted or do not even think about actively. Blogging is pushing me t refine this skill and I won’t complain. I ask myself if it sounds clear, if it is on topic, if it comes off as pompous or show other negative traits. I don’t want that at all. I find it worthwhile to comb through a draft bit by bit to pick out inconsistencies and address them. This blog is my baby and I want it to shine and read well with correct grammatical expressions. I may miss a typo here and there but I do try to catch them all.

Planning – I am planning more effectively through this here blog. This month is manic for me so I have written some blog posts ahead of time and designed graphics and such. I like putting out content regularly because ideas are always churning in my head. I find planning to be essential in blogging so I can have a lot of well-thought-out posts that people can gain some knowledge from reading. A well-thought-out posts involves the skill of reflecting and know what to include and what to cull. Some posts involve much time so I have to plan and dedicate time to drafting them, editing them and formatting them. The work on the backend is never done. I am so happy that blogging is my labour of love.

Brainstorming – I am taking the time to think through ideas and think about how to execute them in a blog post. This is a time consuming process and I dedicate time to jotting down ideas while on the train or whenever it strikes. I like writing ideas for blog posts down and allowing them to marinate. Thinking critically about how to take something form conception to written product is a valuable skill. On element that might seem simple but involves quite a bit of brainstorming is deciding on the title on a blog post. The title should paraphrase what the post is about but this isn’t always easy to do in a few word. Long blog post titles are not the ideal.I like that this is becoming second nature.

blogging, skills

Skills I am Gaining or Have Gained from Blogging

Making graphic elements – Look at that one above. Blogging has pushed me to explore this area. I had no idea about designing different graphic elements until I became immersed in blogging. This is an essential skill since many readers are visually inclined. It gives blog posts a pop of colour or a blast of information in an eye catching manner. Canva is my go to place to play around and make the different graphics I use on my blog. I dedicate time to go off and design cover posters for blog post because it is fun, makes for nice Pinterest pinable posters and allow me to develop my creativity. I do this for hours at a time and develop all kinds of skills in the process. Are there any other sites I should check out?

How to Set up a blog – This is truly a skill. I thought blogging was all about writing posts and sharing my thoughts only. It is so much more than this if you want to have a blog with good engagement. I am getting there. There are things such as themes, blog hosts, plugins and a bunch of other elements I cover in this post. I am growing every day. I find that it is worth investing in my blog by paying for hosting and getting backend support when needed. It is also fun to play around with different themes and see which ones work best for my needs. I invested in a theme and like that I can customise my blog with the features it has.

How to promote my blog – A small newish blog like this one will not get many hits on search engines. Yes, I have done all the SEO stuff, Google Console etc.  I find promoting my blog through Facebook groups work, at least people browse through its pages. I also like that people check out my blog and follow on Bloglovin. It adds up bit by bit and I am content with what is happening.

Learning about the backend of a website – I mean everything from CDNs, to some basic codes to troubleshooting some minor problems are things I am learning. Each issue that crops up has me googling and watching many technical YouTube videos to try to sort them out. I don’t always go to my hosts for everything since I like to learn new things too. It is nice to see my growth over the last few years in this area.

How to generate money from my blog – I am not raking it in. Actually I have not collected a penny from my blog but my Adsense is growing bit by bit. I should have enough to pay for my hosting fees when it is due again. That’s awesome actually. Thanks for the support. I enjoy reading about what other bloggers are doing to generate income from their blog. At the right time I will focus more on this. I am building up my content again and finding my rhythm. 

There are other skills that I am building on through blogging, though I can’t remember them now. If you are thinking of starting a blog go for it and go at your own pace.

I am happy with blogging, growing and learning new skills and honing others.

blogging, skills

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  1. I loved this post! I never really viewed it that way but I also built my entire website myself via googling everything. It took me about 3 years to like it. And I just created a new website last week and that took me a weekend. So yeah, your right!

  2. I’ve only been blogging about 6 months and I, too, have been learning a lot as I go. Thanks so much for sharing this—these are all great tips!

  3. Your post has me thinking of all the things bloggers do learn and it’s a lot! The editing is a big one. I never thought I would ever consider myself an editor, but as a blogger it’s a majority of what we do!

  4. It’s amazing how many things you learn or improve on when blogging! I’ve gotten much better at photographing my recipes and putting together a more engaging post with them than before!

    1. It really is and seeing your own growth is gratifying. I do enjoy reading your posts with the beautiful photos.

  5. I can so relate to all of this. I never knew anything about lightroom and now I am using it on the daily to make my Instagram pictures better and I love it. So much more to learn and explore 🙂 Grateful

  6. Great post! You are exactly right, I feel like I’ve learned so much since I started, but there’s always more to learn….

  7. These are all so true! Blogging can help you in so many ways and i believe I never stop learning from it!

  8. Amazing skills, everyday we learn new things and by keep working we gain more and more skills. I loved this post.

  9. It is amazing how many skills are really required to do blogging as a business well. I can see why the big blogs have a full team of people.

    1. Yes, to be a full time blogger takes a lot. I am content where I am now. It takes time and is really a labour of love.

  10. I feel like I had some decent writing and editing skills when I started. I think two areas that I have really grown are understanding the back end of websites and how to earn money blogging. I loved reading this post!

    1. I agree, I have also been learn much about the backend and some about earning some money as well. May we keep learning and growing.

  11. Blogging surely benefits us in many different skills. I wish I could manage a blog myself, too. This post gives me lots of motivation!

  12. Blogging; it is indeed a labor of love! Your post is extensive and beautifully written,there are so many take-aways. Clearly you are doing very well with the new and existing skills. Good job!

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