Seeing Animals up close in Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater, Safari

The safari starts with our guide telling us he hopes we’ll be able to see ‘the big 5’. Of course that got us all excited and it hit me anew that I am finally in the Ngorongoro Crater living my dream of doing this safari! 

Ngorongoro Crater, safari, Tanzania
Birds and hippos chillin’ – its a beautiful thing…

The drive down was a little nerving-wracking, so not for those with a fear of heights. Our driver helped us to relax and it was a comfort that we had the experience of him driving us around on our safari in the Serengeti for two days prior.

There is a certain thrill that comes each time you catch sight of a majestic animal going about its business or just lazing. You almost forget that some of them are ferocious and not as docile as they appear.

Ngorongoro Crater, safari, Tanzania
Big cats at play just lazing about…

We drive and spot a range of different animals in their natural habitat. We become the predators of sort, with our different devices, clicking away to try to get the perfect shot. If we are not careful we spend all the time looking at them through the lens and forget to fix our naked eyes on them. It so easy to get caught up in the moment filming them. I remember to put down the camera and be in the moment. I watch and marvel, at me being in this place, Ngorongoro Crater, early in the crisp August morning living a dream. I am thankful.

Tips for visiting the Ngorongoro Crater in July/August

  • Take warm clothes, think layers, because the mornings and nights are cold but it warms up in the day time.
  • Steel yourself mentally if you are afraid of heights. The drive up and down is very steep.
  • Take a cushion to brace yourself for the the rocky bits on the long drives.
  • Take a scarf to cover your nose from the dust that flies about.
Ngorongoro Crater, safari, Tanzania
To walk this bravely alone amidst some fierce forces is to live boldly…

We see this beautiful ostrich picking its way across the savannah as we try to see if it is really a rare black rhino far, far off in the distance. Sometimes we peer so hard to see what is far away, so that we miss what is right in front of us.

Ngorongoro Crater, safari, Tanzania
Focusing its priorities

We often go on safaris, especially African safaris to see the big animals. We sometimes overlook the smaller animals, but seeing them reminds me that we all have a part to play whether we are great or small. They all work together to keep the ecosystem churning.

How long should you stay in the Ngorongoro Crater?

I think one or two days are ideal. Like many safaris you spend your entire day driving around to see different animals. I paired this safari with the one to the Serengeti as many people do. I think two days in the Serengeti and one here is ideal.

Ngorongoro Crater, safari, Tanzania
That hippo soaking up the sun is living its best life!

I find that a safari is a great way to get away and immerse yourself in all you are seeing and doing in those moments. Enjoy the simple beauties of nature. Also, soak up new knowledge about the flora, fauna and animals.

Ngorongoro Crater, safari, Tanzania
Besties unite!

This is my favourite picture. The Ngorongoro Crater offers up much to fulfil any photographer’s dreams. I sure did get caught up in taking pictures, but most importantly I remembered to live in the moment and put down the camera when needed.

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