Plan and Move Abroad the Smart Way

move abroad

Move abroad and make many memories in a new exciting locale.

Stop and think for a moment, could it be that simple? Is anything ever that simple really?

Let’s chat about how to plan and move abroad the smart way.

Decide Why you want to Move Abroad

Why do you want to move abroad? Is it because it is trendy? Have you always wanted to live in a particular country? Do you want to retire in a different setting? We all have different interest and your desire and reasons for wanting to move abroad is valid. Reflect on your why, make peace with it and proceed from there.

move abroad

Decide Where you will Move to

Write a list of places that you want to move to abroad. Record what you know about these places and what you need to find out. Do you need to go where you already know people? Is it a place that you have visited repeatedly and fell in love with? Maybe you have seen it featured on a blog post or television show or something like that. Spend some time thinking about where you want to go carefully before you make a final decision.

Research and Prepare the Practical Elements you need for your Move Abroad

Remember to dedicate a good 6-12 months learning all you can about the place you want to move to on a micro and macro scale. Google different blogs by expats living there and get different perspectives. Read the local newspaper and magazines to get a better understanding of some of the social and cultural happenings. Search for Facebook groups in the country and get involved to connect with people already there. Use Numbeo to check for the cost of things in the country – from a loaf of bread to the price of a car. Also read the comments by scrolling down after you search. Many locals share on the accuracy of what is presented on the site. I use it to get an idea of costs before travelling to different countries.

move abroad

Secure your Savings for your Move

Start budgeting and saving for your move abroad with much time to spare. Try to save enough to live for 6-12 months if you are not going straight into a job. Remember there are costs associated with setting up an apartment, utilities and such. Also prepare for hidden costs and fees. This should not be rushed as this will help you to have peace of mind and settle the new place with a little less angst.

Prepare your Mind for the new Place

Prepare your mind for the move abroad. We often focus on running to all the wonderful things about the place calling us and forget to prepare adequately. Visit the place you intend to move to, ideally for a month and live like the locals to feel it out. Call it a ‘soft move’ to get a feel of what your new life may be like. Remember it takes about 2 years to really settle in so prepare to give yourself time.

Living abroad stretches you and empowers you but it can be daunting at first. Think well, plan and prepare carefully before you move abroad. Here is to your dreams becoming reality.

move abroad

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    1. I hope it will all come together soon. I am sure you are doing what you can amidst the challenges. When it happens it will be that much sweeter.

    1. That is so exciting. I hope it all goes smoothly especially the financial aspect since Australia is a pricey place. All the best and hope these tips help.

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