Solo Trip to Experience Petra,Jordan

Petra, Jordan. solo travel


Petra, Jordan, solo travel

Petra, Jordan is worth visiting and exploring. It is scorching in summer but certainly worth it. It is also a great place for solo travel as a woman. They guys selling rides and camels can be a bit pesky though so this is something to be aware of. People gotta do what they need to in order to survive.

Petra, Jordan, solo travel

As you can see in the picture above, it is quite dusty but the architecture is breathtaking. There is much to see and I believe it is not a place to rush through, especially with the hot and dry atmosphere.

Why Petra?

Petra has a rich and fascinating history. For those of us who love architectural wonders Petra resonates with us on certain levels. For such an ancient place the craftsmanship of the buildings is just mind boggling. The structures in the pictures in this post are magnificent and huge edifices that rise to the sky. Believe me, the pictures do not do these justice. They are actual buildings that you can go inside and access some parts of.

There are a number of buildings that we can explore and see some of the artistry of a time long before now. We can marvel at what they accomplished with less sophisticated technology so long ago and appreciate their legacy.

Petra is a great place for people of all ages. There are many different vantage points to get perfect shots for different social media platforms. There are places for kids to run around and be free while learning about this historical site. Yes, there is really something for everyone interested in archaeological wonders.

Petra, Jordan, solo travel

What to Know Before Going to Explore Petra

Firstly, wear comfortable shoes with good grip on the bottom. Petra is quite big in terms of land space and the structures are spread far and wide. I say it is easily more than 50 square kilometers. Getting around involves using your legs or paying to use a camel. I remember donkeys being there too. I opted to walk because I am a scaredy cat and was not enticed at all to go up the steepish hills on anything else but my own two feet. Good, sturdy footwear is essential and breathable ones too especially in summer. At some point you will be walking in order to really see all the different buildings and experience them up close and personal.

Secondly, since the area is mostly wide open under the beautiful sky a hat is essential. I visited in summer and was oh so happy for my broad rimmed hat. The sun is relentless in summer. Go early in the morning like from 6 or 7 and leave by 11 or so. Petra is a place that one needs to dedicate at least two days to in order to scratch its surface. In more palatable seasons I am sure spending 5-8 hours there will suffice. In summer a few hours on two or three days is best so as not to get sunburnt and dehydrated.

The first day is just to get oriented and map out how to get to the higher points. Some kind of beverage preferably water is essential to stay hydrated. Some of the buildings have areas where people can go in to get a respite form the elements. the stone walls are really cool even in summer. There is much to peruse on the inside to see the makeup of the stones from which the buildings are carved. Even those in the best physical condition will need to rest from time to time.

Thirdly, know that it costs a pretty penny to be allowed the honour of wandering around Petra. The prices have increased I see. I spoke to some people when I visited and was told the price is this high because it is the only income earner in the area. Is it worth it? I believe it is. People pay about the same or more to go to Disney for example. It’s just a matter of preference. The great thing is that accommodations can be accessed on a much smaller budget to balance things.

Finally, it takes a while to get to Petra from the airport in Amman – about 4-5 hours. I went to Madaba first and had my hotel arrange a taxi to take me to Petra from there. I was on one of my solo travel adventures and it worked out well.

Petra, Jordan, solo travel

Is solo travel to Petra ok?

It is important to do research about any place you are travelling to. (I guess that is why you might be reading this post eh). I went to Petra all by myself, solo dolo. I felt safe but of course I took the necessary precautions. This post shares some of the things I do as a solo female traveller to safeguard myself. As I said above, the guys plying their wares can be a bit pesky but not over the top. Also there are usually quite a number of people at Petra doing the same thing you are, so you won’t be alone. Who knows you may meet other people at your hostel/or hotel to team up with. If you are like me though and like adventuring alone it ought to be fine. Just be on your guard and go there from around 8 or 9 a.m. when many people start pouring in on those tour buses.

Petra, Jordan, solo travel

Petra is one of the most awesome places that I have visited. I don’t believe it is overhyped at all. Of course it is not for everyone but people who enjoy these kinds of sites will not be disappointed. It is best enjoyed if you are reasonably fit since there is much walking on sometimes unsteady surfaces.

The pictures I share in this post are very small reflections of what it is actually like. It is like going back in time being there. The Bedouins selling souvenirs and such add to the ambience as well. I can definitely see myself going back to explore even more.

Petra, Jordan, solo travel

Petra, Jordan is pretty special. There are additional things to do in the area such as going for desert tours or you can do like me and see other places in the country. It is not as popular as other archaeological wonders but it packs a bunch and I believe it is great value for money. I am richer in knowledge and experience from visiting there.

Petra, Jordan, solo travel

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    1. Go for it Annie, I look forward to see your fashion choices for that trip. I know you will be chic as always.

  1. This is amazing!! I think if my husband can’t get off next year March I may be going SOLO as well! ha Petra is a huge dream of mine, bucket list item and a 7 NEW world wonder!! This trip looked beautiful!!

    1. It is truly beautiful and should be fine for you going solo. It would be nice with your husband too and maybe yo could do Petra by night as well.

    1. Laura, you should go there when you can and yes I did visit Valley of the Kings but I don’t have many pictures of that. Sometimes when I travel I am so much in the moment that I forget to take out my camera.

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