Enjoying an Absolutely Perfect Day in Tokyo

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Today, Thursday, March 29, 2018 was an absolutely perfect day in Tokyo. It is spring break and I was able to hang out with a friend and enjoy a slice of Tokyo. This is my life and I am sure loving it.

Camera in tow, an empty stomach to start the day and shod in comfortable shoes I rushed to meet my friend in Tsukiji. I enjoy sleeping in, especially on a day off so I did not go to see the famous auction. We went to check out the shops and eat fresh seafood. Lunch was perfect! There it is. Even the colours are vibrant and shout spring. My belly sure was happy.

explore, Tokyo, spring

I feel like every animal in the ocean was in this meal…yummers

explore, Tokyo, spring
Here is my starter… bon appetit

Spring is a great time to explore Tokyo and Japan as a whole. I will talk about why in the next post. Look out for it.

Back to today where I walked around Tsukiji market and stared in wonder at the huge fish of various sizes. They allow people to walk around from 10:00 am so that is perfect for those of us who love sleeping late. They said no pictures so there are no pictures.

After spending a good two hours there we decided to go to Chidorigafuchi to see a perfect walkway of cherry blossoms. The pale delicate pink of the blossoms with the baby blue of the sky was picturesque. Then the slight wind caused some of the petals to slowly fall every which where. It was magical.

explore, Tokyo, spring

People enjoying paddling at Chidorigafuchi – we passed the line of people waiting to enjoy this. The wait was for an hour but ti sure looks like a great way to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

We said over and over, this is the perfect spring day in Tokyo. A day to be outside, to explore, to soak up nature and to be at peace.

explore, Tokyo, spring

It was an absolutely perfect day here in Tokyo, in this wonderful spring time weather. I had some good food, went exploring with my friend and decided to reminisce here.

Tomorrow is another day hanging out doing more of the same with another friend. This sure is a great way to enjoy the week of spring break before getting back to work next week.

On days like today I do realize I am indeed living my best life and I am eternally grateful.

explore, Tokyo, spring


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    1. How awesome, there will still be some though you may have missed it in full bloom. if you have a chance to go up north you will see them there for sure. Have a safe flight.

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