Preparing for your First Safari

First safari

Going on that first safari is pretty exciting, though a bit of fear may lurk in the back of your mind as well. I  think that is completely normal. My first safari on the African continent was at Kruger National Park in South Africa. I planned it for over a year,  researched costs, read forums about reputable […]

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Plan and Move Abroad the Smart Way

move abroad

Move abroad and make many memories in a new exciting locale. Stop and think for a moment, could it be that simple? Is anything ever that simple really? Let’s chat about how to plan and move abroad the smart way. Decide Why you want to Move Abroad Why do you want to move abroad? Is […]

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A Fresh New Start is Here

fresh start

A new start is often the only way forward. Much of what takes place on the backend of blogging for a novice like me is a steep learning curve. I deleted my posts and started over because after switching hosts and transferring my blog there were many hiccups. Finally, I decided to take the plunge […]

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