My Christmas 2018 in Japan

Christmas, Japan

Fun fact, Christmas Eve is where it’s at in Japan. Couples are out celebrating in full force and KFC is in crazy demand.

Yes, the practice is to indulge in chicken especially from KFC. Interestingly if one doesn’t make their order days before they may be all out of chicken. In a conversation I had last night, which was Christmas Eve, I found out one KFC had run out of chicken. The lines to get into the restaurant gets pretty long too. I am still trying to find out how this all started.

A Japanese friend asked me today if I enjoyed my Christmas dinner last night, which was Christmas Eve. I was confused for a minute. It may be the fact that yesterday was a holiday so people celebrated then, since Christmas Day is a regular working day here.

Many foreigners opt to take a day off today, Christmas Day and celebrate with their friends I’ll be having dinner with friends and enjoying good food and fellowship.

We had Christmas service at church on Sunday and a special candlelight service last night. It’s nice to take the time to focus on Christ who is the centre of this celebration. It’s always nice to sing, Silent Night, O Holy Night, O Come O Come Emmanuel and all the other well-loved carols.

It’s been four years since I have been here, in Japan for Christmas. I am reminded that it’s not so much where you spend Christmas Day but with whom. I hope all who live far away from blood relatives will be able to come together with their friends who have become family.To eat, chat, dance, relax and just be as we celebrate Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year!

Merry Christmas 2018 Everyone; Be Blessed.

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