Lake Bled, Slovenia, So Pretty

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia is so picturesque and all around perfect. Just thinking about the day I spent there evokes a feeling of contentment.

Lake Bled SloveniaIt’s perfect for hiking, enjoying nature, swimming and even boating. Look at that picture above, it’s like something from a postcard. It is becoming more popular with tourists and it is worth getting off the well beaten path to explore that area and Slovenia on a whole.

My interest in the country, all came about because of the famous Jamaican athlete, Merlene Ottey, who took up citizenship in Slovenia some years ago. Once I started hearing about this country I took time to research about it and while planning to visit Europe for a month, I knew I had to go and experience it for myself. Lake Bled captured my attention in my research and I set aside a day to go off from Ljubljana and explore it.

On the long awaited day, I went to the train station and waited and waited for the train from Ljubljana to Lake Bled. It was coming from quite aways and had been delayed for quite a while. Since, I was travelling solo, I just decided to sit at the station, people watch and read until the train came. It’s nice not having to be rushing around from place to place while on a trip.

Lake Bled Slovenia

When I arrived at Lake Bled, I exhaled because the scenery reflected that the wait I had gone through, for the train had been well worth it. The air was fresh and everything was verdant and created the most relaxing atmosphere. I enjoyed hiking a bit around parts of the lake then up to Bled Castle. I recommend wearing comfortable shoes for walking to get the most of the experience. I also know there are lodgings in the area. If I visit again I will stay for a few days.


Lake Bled Slovenia
walking up and up to Bled Castle


Lake Bled Slovenia
Bled Castle in the distance…


Lake Bled Slovenia
Now I’m at the top

As a solo female traveller, I felt safe even on the hike through the woods up to the castle. People were friendly and it was nice to see locals and foreigners enjoying activities in and around the lake. There are a few places to see around the lake, I remember visiting a beautiful church and a small museum as well. At the height of summer it was nice to be in a place where there weren’t a mass of people. I can see this changing where Lake Bled is concerned because it perfect for those, who like nature and laid-back places.

Lake Bled Slovenia

Yes, the word ‘love’ on my t-shirt sums up my feelings for this place so well.

As a black traveller, I was comfortable here as well as, in Ljubljana. People were friendly,quick to help and service at restaurants was good. It is easy to travel in these areas for English speakers since most natives speak English. One thing that I remember clearly was trying to find the hostel and heading in the wrong direction from the train station. A young lady whom I met, was kind enough to lead me unto the right path and literally point me where to go. It made it so much easier to navigate my way around.

This was also the case in understanding how to get to Lake Bled by train from Ljubljana. It’s pretty straightforward but it’s best to set aside an entire day for a trip there and start out early in the morning, to make the best of it.

When I think of Lake Bled, Slovenia, I get the happy ‘fuzzies’ since I had one of the most enjoyable days ever there.

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