Jet Lag is the Worst Part of Travelling

jet lag

Jet lag is a most ‘unwelcomed’ companion after a long trip. Since Jamaica is 14 hours behind Japan, I always have the lovely pleasure of fighting with jet lag in both places. There is actually no fight because when jet lag strikes, I can only draw my weary self into a bed and sleep. I then wake up at odd times – 3 am always it seems – to experience a repeat for 3-4 days. I am like a zombie in the throes of jet lag.

Jet lag is the absolutely worst part of travelling. In the days when I could sleep for 4-6 hours on a flight it wasn’t so bad. These days, I am happy if I sleep an hr on those 12-14 hours flights.

The day my alarm clock woke me, signalling my jet lag was gone, was beautiful. It is so nice not to stumble through a day with your head in a cloud.

Am I the only one who gets knocked about by jet lag? What do you do to fight or prevent this?

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