One of the Greatest Rewards of Travelling Alone

travelling alone

It’s always great to meet and connect with new people when travelling alone. For me, this is one of the greatest rewards of travelling alone. I enjoy meeting the diverse range of people that one runs into in different countries: workers at accommodations, natives on the streets, fellow travellers and others.

Meeting New People is the Greatest Reward of Travelling Alone

This of course makes sense, but I want to share about the different categories of people listed above. For me, people in these groups all add something of great value to my travels. From my experience, when you are travelling alone you connect more easily with others because you do not have companions, who you just focus on more.

Connecting with Owners or Workers where you Stay

I really enjoy staying in small locally run hostels or BnBs. The owner/s often greets you on arrival and is present each day to chat with you and help you to better understand his/her neck of the woods. They know their cities, towns and villages well. They share where to get the best food and suggest different activities to enjoy, that you may not have heard of. I also enjoy just sitting and chatting with these folks.

On a recent trip to Peru (which I will blog about soon), I had three great encounters which reminded me anew of this. While travelling alone through a few places in the country, I stayed at three places among others. The experiences from my interactions with the owners/hosts made me remember this great perk of travelling alone. In one place,I, along with a few other visitors were taken up to the roof of the BnB to experience the beautiful cosmic display in the brilliant clear night sky. We sat, chatted and laughed as the host shared with us a simple pleasure in his neck of the woods. Good times.

In one city I was driven to a currency exchange place by the host, who also gave me tips on how to get around using the easy taxi app. While interacting we talked about different things happening in the country as well as about his life and so on. I remember getting to another place and meeting the smiling host. While chatting he revealed that his brother lives in Japan, like me and we went to town on that. He is a pretty awesome host who showed me how to get around on local transport. This is a great way to really experience a place and avoid busting the budget even when travelling alone.

I highly recommend staying at small local places when travelling alone. I find that it is easier to meet others doing the same and you have a chance to interact more with the hosts. I enjoy interacting with the hosts, to learn all I can from them about where I am visiting.

Connecting with Fellow Travellers when Travelling Alone

“No man is an island, no man stands alone.” This old adage is true. Though, I enjoy travelling alone for the most part, I enjoy meeting other travellers and making some good, even lasting connections. Mina, Claudia and Letty are three wonderful women I connected with at different points in my summer trip. One was a solo traveller while the other two were travelling with other people. Not because I travel solo mean I only connect with other solo travellers, nope, I want to chat with everybody – you know if I am feeling their vibes.

We all chat from time to time even now that we are in our respective home countries. I look forward to keeping the connection going.

I often meet many other travellers in different places and we have good times in the places we are visiting and sometimes we stay in touch and sometimes we don’t. The experiences we lived together help to form the rich fabric of travel memories that I hold dear. I know if I were travelling with others I may have missed out on these interactions, to just be in the moment with my friends or family.

While travelling alone, linking up with other travellers may help financially as well. You can share a taxi for a day tour for example, spend far less and have others to chat with and take your pictures and vice versa. I really do enjoy meeting other travellers on my travels and look forward to meeting and interacting with those who come my way on different trips.

Random Encounters when Travelling Alone many Times Become Travel Treasure

There I am standing in a small area in Lima trying to get a picture of a beautiful building. I hear someone in heavily accented English saying, “That’s not what you should take. Take the other one, that’s an important building here.” I turn around and I am pleased to see a distinguished looking older gent trying to help out little ole me. I, of course follow his directions and go on to have him take my picture in front of said building. After this he kindly explains about the section of the city where we are standing and shares with me how he and his wife travel to different parts of the globe in the retirement. REFRESHING is the word that sums up this encounter.

As he leaves, I ask him to recommend a good restaurant for lunch. He takes me to a wonderful place and then he has to rush off. I then take the time to enjoy a wonderful meal and great hospitality at the restaurant, which is a bit overpriced. The gentleman did mention it was pricey. I don’t get worked up over the price though because this kind person recommended it.

An encounter like this isn’t a novel experience for me. I have encounters of a similar nature while travelling alone in many different countries around the globe. I am reminded of the basic kindness at the heart of many humans each time. I learn more about their country through their eyes.

Summary of why Meeting People is the Greatest Perk of Travelling Alone

Everyone meets people when they travel. I know it isn’t only those of use travelling alone who meet people. I do believe however, that we are more open since we do not have companions with us who we dedicate much of our time and attention to. While travelling alone, you can stop for a long chat at will and not have to be on another person’s schedule. Travelling alone isn’t for everyone of course. I want those of you considering this option to know you will meet loads of people and make many wonderful memories. Though travelling alone in this world to different places, you are never alone. You are going to be interacting with people from airline workers to the man on the street.

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  1. Stars, too, were time travelers. How many of those ancient points of light were the last echoes of suns now dead? How many had been born but their light not yet come this far? If all the suns but ours collapsed tonight, how many lifetimes would it take us to recognize we were alone? I had always known the sky was full of mysteries—but not until now had I realized how full of them the earth was. Thanks 🙂

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