Fast Travel: Ten Flights in One Month

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When the time comes to finally go off and experience some things on your bucket list fast travel may be the answer. Working 9-5 and travelling sometimes mean cramming a few destinations into a few weeks. This is how I ended up taking ten flights in a month, a bit crazy it may seem but oh so worth it! My enthusiasm to go, see and do all I wanted pushed me on; at the end of it all jet lag said, “Watch it!” Haha!

I was able to enjoy my time in 4 cities and also head home to Jamaica, to spend some time with family and friends, so it all worked out perfectly.

Fast travel is quality travel and some people, like those of us who have limited vacation time enjoy this. I balance it all by spending around 3-4 days in each place and focus on doing one or two things each day. I enjoy just walking and drifting around to learn a bit about the people and their lifestyles.


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Why fast travel?

I sometimes choose fast travel to get a taste of different areas in a country or region I visit. I opt to fly since it saves much time and ultimately makes me less tired. It is sometimes a sacrifice to budget more for flights instead of taking ground transport to be honest. It worth it though. We often have to work with what we have, a little bit more of time or money.

These ten flights allowed me to spend an average of 4 to 10 days in each place I visited. I only had a stopover in a few places as well. I was able to soak up new cultures, eat a range of food, bask in different atmospheres and see a few bucket list items. It was all very fulfilling. I flew from Tokyo – LA – Bogota – Lima – Cusco – Lima – Miami – Montego Bay – Miami – LA – Tokyo. Look for the blogs to come on some of these adventures Phew!

fast travel

Fast Travel and Staying Healthy

  • Drink lots of water. Buy one or two bottles after going through immigration and chug on them throughout the flight.
  • Walk around while on the flights as much as possible and do leg raises and other exercises while sitting.
  • Wear compression stockings or tights, especially for the really long flights.
  • Take a nice warm sweater, hoodie or your own blanket because some of these planes are so icy!
  • Eat a nice meal in the airport before the flight or take something from home. Plane food is not always to my liking so I do this and keep a few snacks that are not sugary or salty on deck. Too much sugar and salt makes jet lag worst for me. I also take some of my favourite teas like echinacea and just ask for some hot water and enjoy it inflight.
  • Wear comfortable and breathable clothes for long flights, I am talking 5 or more hrs.
  • Have your favourite music, books, movies and other forms of entertainment with you. I am not a fan of turbulence, so I enjoy immersing myself in my favourite gospel music, to remind me God is in charge and to calm my fears.

Fast travel is exhilarating and the perfect way to stretch those vacation days to explore a country or a region.

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