World Heritage Sites are Worth Exploring

world heritage sites

Bucket list Full of World Heritage Sites

I don’t have a bucket list but I have many places I want to explore. Sometimes I become interested in some places because of a World Heritage Site that it has that captures my interest. I went to India to see the Taj Mahal yes, but also to learn more about the country and seek out other great experiences. Some of my favourite edifices there were not even classified as World Heritage Sites.

It is quite ok to have many of these sites on your bucket list. This means one can explore a diverse range of countries and cultures in the process of ticking them off.

world heritage sites
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

It is pretty hard to miss World Heritage Sites if you travel widely because many countries have one or more of them. There is usually a good reason why they are recognised by UNESCO so I like going to check them out and learn more about them and where they are located. For those looking for perfect Instagram pics they serve as great backdrops many times too LOL!

They don’t always live up to expectations though where size and other factors are concerned. This I believe is because some of them are overhyped, so you expect too much. I was surprised to see that the pyramids in Egypt are not as grand as pictures have them appear. Thankfully, I like to make the most of every opportunity, so I wasn’t disappointed for long. It is worth going to see them in person, especially the hieroglyphics and such.

world heritage sites

Embrace and Enjoy the Wonder of Exploring World Heritage Sites

A major wonder of the world that I can’t wait to behold is Machu Picchu. I have been saving up and planning to go and explore Peru a bit and experience it.

As I was scrolling through my pictures I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have explored quite a number of World Heritage Sites. I don’t see them as being more important than other sites in the different countries. They complement them.

world heritage sites
Terracotta Warriors in Xian, China


world heritage sites
The Great Wall of China on a Snowy Day in December 2008

world heritage sites

Petra, Jordan


world heritage sitesVictoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

I think planning some travels around exploring World Heritage sites can enrich a trip. One disadvantage is that some of these sites tend to be overrun with tourists so you may have to jostle with many others to enjoy it. That’s how it is sometimes and it may be worth it.

As I stated before I am excited to explore Machu Picchu but I am also anticipating all the hidden wonders that are to be uncovered in my time in Peru.

I am off to research some lesser known sites in countries that many may overlook, to plan some travels around. Here’s to discovering those wonderful places that you come upon while meandering around different destinations.

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  1. As someone who travels quite a bit, I am always looking for new exploration goals and unique ways to focus my trips. I love the idea of intentionally seeking out lesser known world heritage sites- will definitely check back once you posts about those!

  2. I whole-heartedly agree on wanting to explore the World Heritage Sites; so jealous you are doing this! I have a few friends that have accomplished the Machu Picchu hike and it is an experience like no other. Congratulations on all you have seen and wishing you more.

  3. I visited the Taj Mahal also, but everything I saw in India was incredible. I agree that the list is a great launching point and there are so many wonderful places to visit around each World Heritage site.

  4. I have never heard of world heritage sites, so I am definitely going to be checking out their list and seeing how many of the things I want to explore are on that list!

  5. You know, instabul is so close to where I live and yet I havent yet had the chance to visit. Thank you for the remider, I need to get that on my bucket list!

  6. I have been to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul only but most of these places are already on my travel bucket list. Wish I can make my dream come true.

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