Dream Big and Keep Believing

dream, big

That picture there shows me on the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, enjoying a dream that came to fruition. I had always wanted to visit ‘The Motherland’ and was really blessed to start off my journeys to different countries on the African continent, in South Africa in 2010.

When this dream took a hold of me I had no idea that it would unfold and become a reality. I had no idea that I would boldly go travelling solo to different parts of South Africa as well as Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana on that trip. This is a testament to the fact that it is ok to dream big. Dreams do come true. It’s cliche but true.

I live in Japan and the flights anywhere outside of Asia cost a pretty penny. The flights in Asia aren’t often very reasonable either. This means I had to look at different options of how to get to southern Africa for a reasonable price. This became a short term hobby of sorts and it all paid off. Low and behold, I discovered that Jet Airways had launched flights to Johannesburg and the price was well within my budget…whoopee do!

Off I went on a journey that involved flying to Mumbai and then trekking across to Johannesburg. It was great to step foot on the soil of ‘Mama Africa’ and immerse myself in some aspects of the countries I visited.

I have gone on to visit five other countries on the African continent and my dream is to visit every last one. Yes, I am continuing to dream big. Dreaming is free after all. Dreams motivate us to keep going, to stay hopeful and to see beyond our every day routines and enjoy a myriad of other experiences.

Dream big and keep believing because dreams have a way of being manifested even in ways way never envision.

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