Colourful and Delicious Food from Some Trips

delicious food, trips

This idea to share some of the delicious and colourful foods from my travels came to me out of the blue. While combing through my thousands of pictures I came to realise that I do not often capture the foods I devour. I need to fix this going forward. I guess my salivating ways take over and I forget that I blog haha. It happens a lot.

Food is a great way to experience all cultures. We don’t need words to communicate the love that goes into good food. The tantalising aroma of delicious foods seep into our nostrils, causes our mouths to water and endears us to different places on our trips.

Delicious Food and Great Company Enriches Trips

delicious food, trips


delicious food, tripsI remember snippets of the conversation we had over these two meals. These are two different meals from my time in South Africa, Johannesburg specifically.

The first picture represents such rich and wonderful favours. This was paired with good quality wine since South Africa produces some of the best wine in the world. The conversation flowed like honey and good vibes permeated the air. I met a friend in Japan, who is South African, so I reconnected with her there. Good times were had over some delicious foods.

She introduced me to a family who hosted a braai for me. The second picture shares a glimpse of the perfection that the meat was. It was some great stuff right there. The memories of the family I engaged with stays with me and made my trip much richer.

delicious food, trips

The foods you see here were simple but seasoned just right and so delicious. This was a freezing cold winter day, on a trip to Beijing with someone I met in Japan. We wandered into a small rough looking restaurant because it was pretty full. I am a firm believer that any restaurant where you see loads of people relaxed and eating, the food must be good. This was true here. We went to a fancy restaurant for Peking duck and it did not compare to this place. We went to this place two times in five days because why mess with perfection?

We were surprised to see that it was the norm to chew the bones and put them on the table. Yes, different culture but it works; our minds pried open a bit more which is one of the values of travelling the world.

More Delicious Foods from Some Solo Trips

delicious food, trips

Why is good bread so good? The bread on this plate is some of the most perfect bread I have eaten. This is from a meal I had on a hot summer evening in Istanbul. I remember sitting by the roadside enjoying this delicious fare and watching the people go by. The char from the grilled meat and its smoky flavour complemented the salad well. This was oh so good.

delicious food, trips

I love every and anything with mango it in. This mango pudding that I had at a restaurant overlooking The Peak in Hong Kong was rich and decadent, simply delicious. It was the perfect dessert to finish off the wonderful meal. Looking out over the city while eating this was perfection.

delicious food, tripsI don’t remember where I had these buns but I know they were very good since I have pictures of them HAHA. Just look at the artistry – perfect little peach buns with a lovely surprise inside.

delicious food, tripsEthiopia is near and dear to my heart. Look out for my posts on this trip coming in late August/early September. Look at the beautiful colours. Ethiopia was the perfect place to visit and enjoy plant based foods. I could not get enough of injera. It is a perfect blend of different flavours that all combine to form a delicious dance once you eat it.

delicious food, tripsI was oh so happy to find sweetsop in Taipei at a farmers’ market just at the entrance of the building in the picture above. I was too excited because it is the last thing I had expected to see there. You see that smile, it says it all.

I don’t have any pictures, sadly, of the many delicious, mouthwatering, succulent foods that I saw and ate at various night markets in Taipei. I think that was what I enjoyed most my five days there. I enjoyed checking out different night markets and eating all kinds of great foods. Those were my hardcore meat eating days, so I got into stewed pig feet a few times, stinky tofu and a range of other rich, spicy and mouthwatering foods on that trip.

I will for sure take pics of the foods I partake in, since I like to relive my trips by looking at these foods.

I am excited for all the delicious foods to come on my next trip which is right around the corner.

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  1. You are so right! We get so many memories through food especially when travelling! The best thing I’ve ever had was a hot tomato soup in england on a cold rainy day 🙂

  2. Now you have me hungry! You are so right, South Africa produces some great wines. And your last pic reminds me that it’s been too long since we’ve visited our local Ethiopian restaurant…

  3. So much beautiful food! It’s amazing how much a part of travel food is – so many memories can come back just by looking at the photos!

  4. Isn’t it amazing how you come across so many new things when you travel! I absolutely love it. I was too very excited to find sweetsop / custard apple at Yehliu Geo Park in Taipei when I visited. Your post brought back many memories for me.

  5. Girl, you’re making me hungry! I’ve never been to Taipei but would love to! <3 Thank you for sharing your food adventures 🙂

  6. Food is one of the best things about traveling! I love trying out local food. The more local, the better. Some of the best meals I’ve had were street food in HK and Thailand.

  7. I am also one of those people who loves to look at pictures of food but always forgets to take pictures because I am so hungry by the time it arrives! Those buns look so amazing, but then again all of this does!! Finding good food while traveling is the best!

  8. I love meeting fellow female bloggers that enjoy traveling solo! You totally got me with the “why is good bread so good.” I could eat bread and cheese for days!

  9. I’m loving this food series you have on ur blog. Definitely fuels up my wanderlust as it feels like we’re traveling with you through these eats!

  10. Definitely a firm believer that food is a big part of the trip! Not gonna lie, my mouth is watering a little bit now and the food from Ethiopia looks so good in particular.

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