How to Be Confident in the Social Media World

be confident on social media

It is so easy to lose our way as bloggers and not be confident on social media after a while. Social media platforms, as we know are great for connecting with others and building different kinds of networks. As bloggers who dreams of massive success we want to stand out on these platforms and amass a big following. This is one reason why so many ‘big’ bloggers/influencers now offer courses on how to build your audience, increase engagement, get brand sponsorships and things of that nature. In chasing the dream of having all of these we sometimes chip away at our confidence and lose our focus on why we started.

be confident on social media

Why it is Important to be Confident on Social Media as a Blogger

Confidence is important, it is being over confident that one should be wary of. We all need a healthy dose of confidence to live our best lives. It is not always easy to be confident on social media or to stay confident as a blogger. Many big blogs have features that you feel you may never be able to replicate and are run by charismatic people who look nothing like you. It is so easy to fall into the belief that there is only one way to do something successfully in your niche.

As a blogger in any niche, it is important to be confident on social media or you will lose your way. We have to remember why we started blogging and keep this in the forefront of our minds. We often forget why we started and allow our focus to shift on what we want to get from blogging. This is where we start losing our vision. Remember your why and nurture this.

Blogging can be an awesome side hustle and may even become a main gig for some people. Many of the big bloggers we see today were not always big. We are seeing them at their high point. Look back at their growth and you will see many of them started off like you. Yes, some people blossom overnight it seems but you can’t expect to always do the same. Be confident in your craft and focus on what you are doing now. Why do you blog? Most of us blog because we want to share different things in our own way. Thus, when we get distracted and start following the way others do things we lose our voice and confidence in the process. I am not saying not to improve your techniques and other technical elements that we can build on to be better. Do not lose your voice and your vision.

Set parameters for yourself and go at your own pace. This is something I practice. As someone who works 9-5 and blogs I need to keep things in perspective and be balanced. I do not want blogging to become burdensome ever. I used to run an Instagram page for my old blog, run a Facebook page, a Twitter account and Pinterest too. Instagram was just too much for my brain so I deleted that account about a year and a half ago, did the same for my FB page and cut down the time I spend on Twitter. I visit Pinterest every once in a while as I have been doing for years.

Promoting your blog is major, but if this is wearing you out and affecting your confidence it may be time to clean house. As your blog grows you can revisit some of these later. Be confident on social media by being intentional about the platforms you allow to consume your time. We often do not realise how the time we spend looking at the work of others in our niche, causes us to lose confidence in our own craft bit by bit.

It is so very important to be confident on social media as a blogger because this is where you share your work. We all have people who support our blogs even if it is just one person. Sometimes we burn out from chasing what other bloggers have and neglect the people who support us already. How many times do we get so focused on getting new subscribers, so that we forget those who have been faithful? Let’s keep the joy of writing and creating for ourselves and those who ride with us now in mind.


be confident on social media

 Be Confident on Social Media and know its Place in your Life

Let’s not forget to live in the real life world and be overtaken by the social media world. How many of us allow our frustrations as bloggers to seep into our everyday lives? Blogging is a part of us that should impact our lives positively. Do you have a great life with awesome people around you but feel less than because you have only a few people following and commenting on your blog posts?

Remember to live with the people around you too and balance your life. I meet many awesome people through my blog. This is a given. I also have many awesome people in my life some of who support my blog too. I stay confident by reflecting often on those in my circle and remaining thankful for them. They are with me through the real thick and thin in life because I do not blog about the truly personal things in my life. Many bloggers don’t. We have to be careful of allowing the controlled personas that people craft as bloggers to make us feel less than our best.

We have to be intentional about how much time we spend blogging, networking and promoting our blogs on social media platforms. Use the scheduling services such as Hootsuite and those mentioned here. Do your research and use these to manage your time well or better. Even right here on WordPress, I write on certain days and schedule posts ahead of time. I take time from blogging by doing this and even give myself a set amount of hours throughout the week to work on my blog. I also set time to read other blogs I follow and promote my blog.

Spot clean your emotions from time to timeIf and when you start feeling discouraged about blogging check your feelings. Could it be that you are spending too much time following everything certain big bloggers do? How often do you read smaller blogs in your niche to support them, make connections and just enjoy different perspectives?

Are you spending much of your hard earned cash on the myriad of classes being offered on how to increase your engagement and build your audience etc.? If you do a few of these courses and get nothing but added frustration after a few months, you may be losing sight of your why.

Making a killing on social media is the ‘in thing’ at the moment. The idea of running a mega successful blog where you work for yourself is grand and captivating. This is truly awesome for those who get to enjoy this. If chasing this dream causes stress and results in you losing your confidence it isn’t as sweet. It is also ok for blogging to be a side hustle or to simply blog for the pleasure of it and share what you have to say. I feel like many times we as bloggers lose sight of this. I had built up content for two years on my blog by January of this year but decided to just delete it. Before deleting almost 100 posts, I had changed hosts and there were so many glitches that were stealing my rest time. I was a bit worried about starting over, SEO issues and the like but at the end of the day, I just wanted to run my blog without spending hours resolving some ongoing technical issues. Read a bit more here.

If you feel envy whenever you go to certain blogs this may be a sign that you need to stop going to them. As humans we often feel some less than gracious emotions from time to time. It is important to guard our hearts and remain confident especially on social media. I see so many tweets and YouTube videos about people who struggle because they do not feel that they are getting the numbers of followers they envisioned. We have to keep reminding ourselves why we do what we do. It is nice to have a huge following but we who have less are still doing our best. There are many unseen factors that result in some bloggers going viral and others growing at a slower pace. Growth is growth and it is best when we focus on our growth and celebrate each step however small. Practice gratitude, it helps to keep your confidence high.

be confident on social media

How to Regain Your Confidence as a Blogger if you are Struggling

This TED Talk is one that you can use as a reminder time and time again. I always remind myself that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:14). If you are not a Christian then find some positive affirmations and keep reminding yourself of these. Your mind buys into what is repeated to it. Know it is true and celebrate your great points, we all have them.

We know when our confidence has taken a hit or is getting hit right left and centre. As bloggers we know when we lose our groove because we feel we are not growing. We look on Google Analytics and see that not even one person visited our blog on certain days. We see that and we feel sad because other bloggers have thousands. In this way we fail to celebrate those who find our blog, the ones we did not have to promote to. We forget that someone who comments out of the blue after days or weeks of no one commenting. These small things are good and we often fail to celebrate them.

When you feel this way, go back to your earliest posts and see how your writing has evolved/improved and write down all the lessons you have learned as a blogger. List all the things you have been doing well. Do not think that because no one notices what you are doing you are not making strides. Take joy in your own accomplishments. Share these with your family and friends and ask them for their opinions.

Set some new goals for yourself. It can be something as simple as setting a goal to write more or joining a FB group that helps you promote your blog and getting involved. Also, instead of setting goals about things you can’t control like the number of people who follow your blog, focus on participating in these groups and enjoying the rewards that come from them. Live in your reality and do not allow what you perceive as failure to dampen your confidence. Be confident on social media by making this a priority. You are first in your life, manage your emotions and filter out the things you know you need to in order to keep your mind healthy. It takes much discipline, motivation, passion and drive to even publish a few posts. Many of us start struggling with our confidence as bloggers months or even years after being on this journey. I always say remember why you started and keep nurturing that.

Social media is pretty much here to stay and this is something that is good. The pros outweigh the cons for sure. Think of how many people you connect with on different platforms and how you have grown. Success looks different for everyone, so we are are successful in our own ways. Look at how you measure success and try to look at your successes in a balanced way. Do not pit them against others who started out ahead but look at where you started and the strides you are making. I mean, I am learning so much about SEO, plugins, troubleshooting and improving my style of writing among other things. I am successful everyday I keep at this. Think of the time you spend editing different things such as your blog, your pictures, graphics for Pinterest and crafting tweets among other things. There are so many skills we develop through blogging. I am sure celebrating these wins.

Would it be nice to have some monetary rewards and other perks from blogging? Of course! Do I feel down because I don’t have thousands of people reading and commenting on my posts now? Sometimes, but I remember why I blog and get fired up again. Make up your mind to be confident on social media and know there is nothing wrong with you. Celebrate yourself always, caus’ you are truly awesome.

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  1. Great tips! At this point, I am just blogging for fun and to maybe make a few extra side dollars someday, that would be cool. I have officially made $1.69 on WordPress Wordads lol but hey its a start! I agree it is really important to remember the “why” and write from the heart…. don’t just write to write and get a post up.

  2. This was a great post and so relevant. It’s a conscious effort to not compare yourself to “big” blogs. But our unique voices are what make us awesome so in due time!

    1. awesome, we truly have to stay on top of managing our time well and not allowing social media to take over everything.

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