Travelling at Christmas in Different Countries

travelling at Christmas

Combing through my pictures to find some to use in this post brought back so many memories. In the past Christmas Day had dawned on me in Shanghai, Taipei, Sri Lanka, Addis Ababa, Japan and of course Jamaica. Two noteworthy things characterise Christmas in these places: the shiny lights and mad consumerism. It’s still the most wonderful time of the year…

Travelling at Christmas
Shanghai circa 2008 – so so cold

It is interesting to see as I go from place to place how Christmas is a time for people to buy things. Christmas Day is a normal working day in many of these places but the lights twinkle everywhere, trees are decked out and the malls are filled with people shopping away. In Japan, after work couples go on a date and KFC is a must for many families on this day.

Travelling at christmas
Oh the lights twinkle – somewhere in Tokyo
travelling at Christmas
You get the idea…cute Christmas tree a la Japan style

Travelling in Japan during this season is quite the treat. There is much illumination and they are all elaborate. One can run around getting many photo-ops as they feast their eyes on the many twinkling lights with a variety of designs.

travelling at Christmas
Lalibela, Ethiopia

Christmas in Ethiopia is low key. There are some lights and trees decorated but it is not as crazy as some other places.

Some years ago I was in Sri Lanka for Christmas. The lights were bright and lots of sparkles could be seen around Colombo. The atmosphere was very festive as well. Christmas Day is a public holiday there, so some people, especially Christians go to church and celebrate with family and friends. There is of course much shopping as well.

Taipei saw me there one Christmas Day. It was pretty laid-back because it isn’t a public holiday there. You guessed it, the lights twinkle all around, trees were fabulously decorated and the malls were busy busy.

I do enjoy going from place to place as I travel and experiencing how they do Christmas. As a Christian of course I focus on the birth of Christ more than anything else. If you have read my blog posts regularly you probably know I don’t spend money willy nilly. I love viewing the twinkling lights and marvelling at the clever decorations though. I also love singing carols in church and immersing myself in them at home. I love being in Jamaica on Christmas Day to enjoy all the treats especially our traditional fruit cake and sorrel YUM!

travelling at Christmas
Taipei at Christmas, got some planned for retail therapy in…

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