Celebrating new life with family and friends

new life

Last week was one of celebration of new life for a friend and for one of my sisters. They both had baby girls. We are all grateful to be given the gift of these precious beings, to nurture, love, cherish and show the way. “Children are indeed gifts from the Lord.”

This is the second for my sister and now she has a boy and a girl. At a time like this, living so far away is hard but I am excited to see them all this summer and love on them. To think, I have another niece to lavish with pretty dresses and other cute frilly things. I hope she doesn’t cry from me like the one before.

A lovely friend got the rainbow, rainbow baby – a beautiful, strong-willed girl. I am filled with even more gratitude because her baby came pretty early but she is thriving. The joy radiating from her parents is a wonderful thing to see. She is truly an answer to many prayers; this child they prayed earnestly for.

It was a great week filled with much joyful news of new life much anticipated.

We give thanks and remain forever grateful for those entrusted into our care.

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