Exploring Japan in its Spring Time Splendour

Japan, spring

Spring time in Japan is a perfect slice of wonder with the cotton candy pink cherry blossoms decorating everywhere. There are quite a few varieties to captivate your senses and keep you walking with your head up and a camera to your eye. Where are the Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms? This is subjective. I […]

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Travel Warnings, Safety and Being Smart

travel warning

A travel warning is not a thing that any country wants to see before its name, nope. There I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw this tweet about a travel advisory for my beloved Jamaica. For a country that relies heavily on tourism a travel advisory is something of a possible death knell to its reputation. […]

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How to Travel the World on a Weak Passport

travel on a weak passport

What is a weak passport? Travel on a weak passport is very limited. A weak passport is one issued by a country whose nationals are not able to travel visa free to Canada,America, England and Europe. Some passports are weaker than others of course. If you are not able to jump on a flight deal […]

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