Exploring Beautiful Castles and Palaces from my Travels

beautiful castles

Let’s start by talking about some of the beautiful castles in Japan. Many people don’t seem to know that Japan is a land of many castles. The Imperial Palace where the emperor resides in Tokyo is where the Edo Castle used to be many years ago. It is worth passing by on a visit to Tokyo.

Beautiful Castles in Japan

beautiful castle

I have seen my fair share of castles as I travel all over Japan. Osaka Castle pictured above is in Osaka of course. It is worth adding to your itinerary or bucket list here. If you are a history buff go see it. It has been modernized/renovated a bit and now has an elevator. Some sections were destroyed by fire at some point, which necessitated the renovations.

beautiful castles

There seems to be a trend with me posing in front of castles in Japan in winter. This is Himeji Castle in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. It is about 1.5 hours from Osaka and should be a stop on your travels. Though it has been refurbished much of the original stonework is there. You are able to climb up most of it and enjoy it from both outside and inside. Ensure that you are well rested because the stairs are steep and plentiful. When I visited 10 years ago there was no elevator there. I enjoyed the elegant swoops of the roof and the overall design that characterises castles all over Japan.

The grounds of many of these castles here in Japan have many Cherry blossom trees, so they are quite beautiful in spring.

beautiful castles

Isn’t this just so beautiful? This is Nagoya Castle on a wonderful spring twilight evening. At different castles you can learn about the Shogunates that controlled the area during different periods in Japanese history. There are also many souvenir shops nearby where you can get some memorabilia. Some castles have Samurai costumes that people can try on and take pictures. I can imagine children enjoying this immensely.

It must have been wonderful to live in these beautiful castles in the bygone eras. However, based on the history surrounding them, these castles were build to be fortresses more than just majestic show pieces.

beautiful castles

Shuri Castle in Okinawa is quite striking with its rich colours. It offers up much about the history of the island during the Ryukyu Era. When one hears of vacationing in Okinawa, the lovely beaches come to mind. It is worth stopping by this castle to learn some more about its rich history. It isn’t lopsided I promise, that is just a product of my poor photography skills 🙂

Beautiful Castles from my Travels in Europe on Summer

As you can probably tell by now, I enjoy seeing beautifully built structures and always try to get myself pictured in front of them. There I am just below at Prague Castle bringing some colour to the area haha. Look at those colours. This picture is somewhat stable/balanced. When you travel solo you often have to rely on others to get your pics snapped. I am always grateful to those kind and patient folks.

beautiful castles


beautiful castles

That is Ljubljana Castle above and it is pretty high up. I remember I had to ride a funicular to get up there. This is why it is hard to get a full picture of it. There it is peaking out behind those other majestic buildings. There are some very informative tours that are worth checking out at the castle.This brings back such sweet memories. The views from the castle are of course amazing. Drone shots must be pretty cool come to think of it. Add this beautiful castle to your bucket list too. Go visit Ljubljana and just enjoy going back in time. It’s one of my favourite cities in Europe.

beautiful castles

The Palace of Versailles is on everybody’s list I am sure. It is worth the jaunt out of Paris to go and spend the day exploring there. It was a rich and rewarding experience for me. I met another solo traveller – a Japanese lady living in France. We had a great time going around and soaking up the atmosphere together. I am not a fan of striking up conversations with strangers but I enjoy doing this when I travel solo.

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul South Korea

beautiful castles

Gyeongbokgung Palace is a must stop on your visit to Seoul. It is pretty spacious behind the gate pictured above. My most notable memory here is the group of school kids I met who threw questions rapid fire at me. Thankfully, they were speaking in English. It sure beats other people who just stare at you and say nary a word.

Amber Fort in Jaipur, India

beautiful castles

Yes, it is called a fort but look at it, isn’t it palatial? I am including it here as one of the things to add to your list of places to explore when you visit India. Amber Fort is beautiful inside and outside. There is much to see in the way of intricate carvings, tiles and much more. I did not enjoy them using the poor elephants to transport people up the steps though. Sigh.

Gondar Castle in Ethiopia

beautiful castles

Gondar Castle  is a big favourite for many reasons. I am in love with travelling on the African continent. I was so happy to discover that there are these castles in Gondar and had to go see them on my trip to Ethiopia. The one pictured above is the largest one. I will be blogging about this separately in an upcoming post.

I am excited to discover other beautiful castles, places and structures on my travels around the world. We can learn so much about the people who lived in the times when these were build. I always marvel at the beautiful workmanship on display through these edifices.

We often speak of the glorious modern buildings around the world but there are some pretty outstanding old buildings too. It is worth taking the time to soak some of these up and learn more about those who lived in them.

It’s always so good for me to go through pictures and relive experiences as I put together a blog post such as this. I realize anew how blessed I am to be able to travel and see so much of the world and I am humbled.


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    1. They are really something to behold. I hope you get to travel to places where you can see some of these beautiful structures.

    1. Awesome, I am happy to hear this. I just like how grand they are. i hope you will enjoy your ventures to see different castles and more.

    1. Yes, I had to get a picture in front of each to look back on and relive my visits. it is surely a great way to relive these experiences.

  1. These are so neat, and I’m glad to see you including Japanese palaces here. Those strangers who helped you actually took good pics, too. 🙂

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