5 Pre-Trip Essentials

Summer break is still a few weeks away but I am already making sure that I have all my pre-trip essentials that on my list checked off. Whether I am taking a trip for a few days or a few weeks there are certain things that I like to have with me. There are also some things I like to do before jetting off because to me they are essential. I will share 5 of  my trip essentials, who knows it might give someone some ideas.

1. Money is a Major Trip Essential

I think about how to effectively budget the money I have set aside for the trip and try to do so realistically. I go to Numbeo to try to get to understand the cost of living in the place where I am going. I also Google to find blogs from travellers who have visited the place/s on different budgets as well. I am not a hardcore budget traveller so it’s nice to compare/contrast. I pay off my trips in full so if I need to scale back in an area it is good to anticipate that and plan accordingly. Sometimes going somewhere for 10 days instead of 2 weeks keeps me on budget.

2. Booking Accommodations Ahead is a Must for Me

Yes, I know it is sometimes cheaper to wait and book accommodations on the spot. I am not that adventurous. I like knowing upfront what I need to pay. I also like reading all the reviews and cross referencing them on different sites. I am a big fan of Booking.com and use it to secure lodgings for my travels. This is essential for me. It is one less hassle to deal with when acclimating to a whole new place. I also often have the hotel organise pickup at the airport, so I can ease my way into the new environment. There is nothing like coming off a red eye flight and not having to deal with organising a ride.

3. Researching About Tourist Scams is Essential

It is a reality that in some tourist- centric destinations there are different scams targeted at visitors. I find it is essential to simply Google ‘tourist scam in X country’ and educate myself. Since, I am usually travelling alone this is important. This is self care, no? Knowledge is indeed power, as cliche as that might sound. I am sure I have saved myself a lot of all kinds of inconveniences by doing this.

4. Know What Shots are Needed for Where you are Going

No one likes falling ill on holiday. I make myself knowledgeable about everything health wise and get shots that may be necessary or get medication in the case of Malaria. I also read on the different options and choose wisely based on advice from my doctor. I am pretty hardy but when I travel to some places I also take some ginger tea bags – the ones I like- since they help to settle my stomach. I also travel with antibacterial soap because that’s something that gives me peace of mind.

Travel insurance is also worth investing in. There are quite a few options available. Many well known travel bloggers share on this, which should pop up on a web search.

5. Visas and Validity of Passport

I know people who have turned up to the airport to learn they can’t board the flight because they don’t have a visa or they have less than 6 months left on their passport.

Since I often need a visa to visit many countries it is automatic for me to check this. Sometimes a web search will yield results, in other cases I have had to call embassies. It is a trip essential to check these documents so that I am all set to board my flight and go off and explore.


Some new adventures await this summer. It is nice to savour going over the many things on my list of pre-trip essentials.With each thing I tick, I can relax a bit more and know I am doing all I can before I go off and enjoy new wonders and such.

What are your pre-trip essentials?

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  1. I am planning a trip to Mexico and the US right now and these tips come in handy 🙂 Thanks for that!
    xx, Theresa

  2. Great points! Especially about the visa/passport. I also have friends who had issues with the remaining expiration of their passport even though it was valid that day.

    1. This is very important and easily overlooked because this information isn’t something people think about in the age where we book online and not through a travel agent.

  3. This is so good!!! Thanks for all the tips. And I agree, especially for international travel, I want to know where I’m staying ahead of time and not caught without a place to sleep!

  4. I love that you look into illnesses in the areas! I’ve travelled out of the country several times and the only time it has occurred to me to check the regions has been when I’ve been pregnant (dang Zika). Inoculations would make life so much easier! My husband is in the military and every time he deploys he becomes a pin cushion from the number of vaccines he receives.

    1. Our health is so important and getting sick away from home is a major pain. thankfully some vaccines like Yellow Fever you only need once, these days.

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